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Te Tiriti based futures + Anti-racism 2024 (Aka Decol2024)

Decol2020, Decol2022 and the forthcoming Decol2024 are unique open-access educational gatherings. For me they show the power of education and conscientisation, the power of mobilisation, the power of storytelling and the power of human connection. Some friends and I started the project in response to a challenge by Māori for Pākehā to do more decolonisation education.

The kaupapa of the Decol series is about creating a platform for academics and activists with something important to say about racial justice, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, antiracism, decolonisation and Indigenisation. The project is also about having fellowship and solidarity. Emma Goldman was quoted as saying if “I can’t dance I won’t be part of your revolution”. For me kaupapa is always important but it is also the friendship that keeps me coming back.

This year we have another epic co-curated programme where we have tried to land something for everyone. Old familiar crowd favourites and new and emerging voices who you might not be familiar with. The event is free and virtual and runs from 16-25th March 2024. Register here.

Day one brings together Ani Mikaere, author of the landmark text Colonising Myths and Māori realities, the infamous wāhine toa Leonie Pihama and newly appointed Waitangi Tribunal member David Williams, supported by the accomplished Yin Paradies a prolific Indigenous Australian scholar specialising in race relations.

Day two opens up with a collective kōrero about reconciliation and the complexity of saying sorry with perspectives from Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll, Josiah Tualamali’I and Jack MacDonald. Nadia Filistin and Yasmine Serhan will present on the challenges facing Palestine and how we can act in solidarity in this struggle. The dynamic Grant Berghan and Tania Hodges will talk about their process of decolonising leadership through their longstanding Māori health leadership programme. Derek Griffith (USA) and Matt Farry will speak on men, gender equity and antiracism during on their extensive experience in antiracism. This will be followed by Chontel Gibson (Australia), Isla Emery-Whittington and Georgina Davis who will kōrero about internalised racism. The day will be completed with a kōrero with kaumātua Sir Haare Williams about the restorative power of mātauranga Māori.

Day three starts with a session on racial justice and emergency responses looking at Cyclone Gabrielle and the covid 19 lessons with health leaders Kevin Hague, Amohia Boulton and Sir Collin Tukuitonga. While Vincent O’Malley, Lianne MacDonald and Richard Crawford will update us on the landing and resistance to the new, New Zealand history school curriculum. Annette Sykes and Jane Kelsey finish the day talking about how to hold the line against neo-liberalism and the rise of the conservative right.

Day four primarily showcases racial justice work from Australia with Alana Lentin, Debbie Bargallie and Nilmini Fernando talking on critical racial and decolonial literacies. Kevin Dunn, Rachel Sharples, Katie Cherrington and Ozur Sahin will share their antiracism interventions in schools. Rahman Bashir and Chandra Ford (USA) will share their insights in relation to the Black Lives Movement.

Day five opens with Claire Charters and Gary Williams presenting on Indigenous rights drawing on their extensive local and international experiences. Tracey McIntosh will speak on slow justice and prison abolition, followed by Laura Corradi (Italy) speaking about racism and fascism in Italy.

Day six involves a session with Jeannine Fletcher-Hill (USA) author of “Sin and White Supremacy” and Arapera Ngaha speaking about the church, land and decolonisation. Clare Land (Australia) and Kem Gambrell (USA) will speak on decolonising solidarity. Followed by a session with Ataria Sharman and Clive Aspin, recent winner of the Sir Rangi Hiroa medal, on Indigenous sexualities and colonial realities.

Day seven is a student lead PechaKucha celebrating research students and new graduates from across the globe. Details to follow.

Day eight profiles Alistair McIntosh (Scotland) author of Soil and Soul exploring how people can challenge global capitalism. Lincoln Dam and Saburo Omura will kōrero on Asian relationships with Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Rawiri Jansen, Jean Te Huia and Toni Shepherd will have a collective kōrero about fighting for racial justice in health care. Witi Ashby and Margaret Mutu will kōrero about He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nū Tīreni.  Catherine Delahunty, Emily Beausoleil and Alex Barnes will present three generations of perspectives on Pākehā Tiriti work. Huhana Hickey and Ruth Jones will end the day updating us on the Tāngata Whaikaha Waitangi Tribunal claim.

Day nine brings Veronica Tawhai, Tim McCreanor and Darren Ooi updating us on the Matike Mai movement for constitutional transformation. Pancha Narayanan, Umi Asaka and Anupam Kaloti will speak about migrant workers and Tiriti-based migration. Jario Funez-Flores (Honduras) will present on the intersections between anti-capitalism, antiracism, anti-colonialist and anti-heteropatriarchy. Diana and Mark Kopua will kōrero about indigenising mental health. Followed by Teanau Tuiono and Reverend Mua Strickson-Pua discussing the legacy of revolutionary Franz Fanon in Aotearoa and Oceania. We finish the day with Mohan Dutta and Metiria Turei discussing how to respond to organised hate.

The final day starts with Marco de Jong, Ena Manuireva and Nathan Rew on colonial violence in Te Moana-nui-ā-Kiwa and a session with Sue Bradford and Belinda Borell on poverty discourses and racial justice. Look out for the announcement of the final to-be-confirmed top-secret final speaker.

Our core group focusses on landing the programme, wrangling the webinars, maintaining the website, doing the social media outreach. We rely on others to harness the people power our event creates to further the fight for racial justice. Hope to see you online and in the field in the upcoming months.

Heather Came & Associates are proud to partner on Decol2024.

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