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Interview with Donna Awatere Huata for Waatea News

In April 2023 Heather was interviewed by Donna Awatere Huaata on social justice activism for Donna's talkback show on Radio Waatea. Donna was a key member of Ngā Tamatoa an important Māori activist group from the 1970s that challenged racism and fought for recognition of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Donna has had diverse political and professional career including authoring the landmark text Māori Sovereignty published by Broadsheet in the 1980s.

The half hour candid interview discusses the tensions and challenges of being an activist scholar and how Heather got involved in antiracism work. Donna and Heather kōrero about the challenges of addressing the wicked problem of institutional racism within the public service. Donna speaks positively of the possibilities of Critical Tiriti Analysis a new tool designed to strengthen the alignment of policy to the Māori text of Te Tiriti o Waitangi describing it as "a seminal text".

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