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STIR (Stop Institutional Racism)

Te Tiriti-Based Futures and Anti-Racism

Treaty Resource Centre

Te Tiriti o Waitangi-based practice in health promotion

Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Māori text) is considered the founding document of the colonial state of New Zealand. It reaffirmed tino rangatiratanga previously outlined in He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga Nū Tīreni and established the terms and conditions of British settlement. Engaging with te Tiriti lies at the heart of ethical health promotion/ public health practice. 

Heather was lead author on Te Tiriti based practice in health promotion a collaborative e-book which explores the ways in which health promoters work with the five elements of Te Tiriti – the preamble, the three written articles and the oral article. It provides an overview of relevant literature for each article and draws on the insights of senior health promoters and the authorship team about how to work with these five elements to authentically engage with Te Tiriti.

This open-access e-book includes an introduction by the late Moana Jackson and was peer reviewed by Tiriti scholars. It is used extensively as a recommended reading on university undergraduate health courses across the country.

Heather is available to co-facilitate tailored programmes on Tiriti-based practice. She specialises in the health and tertiary education sectors but is open to work with other leadership groups.

Briefing Paper on the forthcoming National Action Plan Against Racism

After years of advocacy the New Zealand government agreed to develop a national action plan against racism in order to fulfill its obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

In 2021 to support this process a national gathering of antiracism practitioners was called in Manukau to discuss what should be in a national plan against racism. As well as collective conversations the gathering embedded tangata whenua, tangata Tiriti – Tauiwi of colour and tangata Tiriti - Pākehā caucuses.

Heather was the lead author on the resulting collaborative briefing paper that begins to articulate what Tiriti-based antiracism looks like in this country. It includes Māori values to inform antiracism work and captures both the shared aspirations of the entire gathering and the unique perspectives of each caucus.

Given the geographic specificity of racism it is important to generate home-grown solutions that center Te Tiriti o Waitangi, embrace decolonisation and are inclusive of racialised communities.

Heather is available to co-facilitate tailored programmes on Tiriti-based anti-racism. She has a range of modules – exploring privilege, shades of racism, structural analysis, anti-racism praxis and using stories to identify and disrupt racism - that can be curated to suit your organisation or something new and bespoke can be developed. 

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