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What If Exercise from our recent People Leader's Wānanga

What If Exercise completed during recent People Leader's Wānanga with Heather Came & Associates

What if – the importance of imagining

The following are the results of a reflective process that invites a group to imagine a future emerging from a

shared vision of social justice and antiracism. The exercise's a-synchronous format is a powerful

demonstration of the underlying and connected nature of that visioning. Or as one participant explained, "is 'sympatico' by design." From our recent Heather Came & Associates antiracism people leaders wānanga.

What if I can inspire and motivate change from the bottom up?

When we understand our relationship to whenua.

What if we all lived Te Tiriti because we all saw it as a gift and a way to belong here.

Transformative positive change. Happy Humans.

Then people would flourish in being who they are.

What if our world / workplaces/ homes are free of racism uphold the mana of all and are places we all can


Transformative positive change. Happy Humans.


What if the world (people) all had the same opportunities to thrive?

The next step is your organisation and your community and celebrate what has been.

What if we could see fully into each other’s heart. Person to person. No groups. No sides.

This is an incredibly stunning question, that we all have the ability to do.

Imagine if we had anti-racist teams. We all have the opportunity to bring our imagination to life.

When we have the same opportunities to thrive, we would see and hear smiling tāmariki everywhere.

What if we could make meaningful changes, make a difference and make a better world?

Magic would happen! The plan you planned together would be (more likely) to succeed and our team would

grow and meld as a team.

What if it was in the plan to plan together and have time to do the plan.

You would work in an anti-racist organisation.

What if I went back to work and all this kind of mahi was understood with the spirit of manaaki, awhi and

aroha that we’ve felt here.

Then Pākehā might not begin from a place of fear.

What if all Pākehā knew who they are as Pākehā whey they have come from their culture?

Then things would flow! We would understand each other so much more.

What if community and connection was found in all spaces?

All women would have open and more expansive choices whānau home care.

Imagine if the midwifery workforce could unite to kōrero and change outcomes for whānau.

Then this Aotearoa would be a beautiful country for tangata whenua and tauiwi.

What if we could disrupt intergenerational racism like stopping second hand smoke.

Then we would uphold the mana of all in compassionate and just ways. We would be connected


What if I was understood in my voice and deeds

What if the world could see what was in my heart

What if there was no terror in the world

What if there was more recognition of Palestine

Could we all be safe?

If you are interested in attending our next People Leader's weekend wānanga, it will be held in the Wellington region in January 2025. Registration link is available under 'Public Courses' on the Heather Came & Associates website -

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