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Heading to Waitangi

Every New Zealand citizen should go at least once to Waitangi on Waitangi Day. Heather has made the pilgrimage regularly when it is not practical to attend she supports local events or stays home and writes up a storm. For her Waitangi Day is a day of action rather than an opportunity for a big relax. Though she is always up for a swim on a hot day.

This year with thousands of others Heather is heading North and will be helping staff the Network Waitangi Whangarei and the STIR stall. The stall will feature a book raffle, Te Tiriti o Waitangi quiz, sign-up sheets for assorted groups committed to Tiriti justice such as Network Waitangi, Tauiwi Tautoko, Action Station, STIR, He Homiromiro (decolonisation reading group), Radical Sewing Circle, Scholars for Tiriti Justice, Te Tiriti based futures + Anti-racism etc

For the first time Heather will be speaking at the Waitangi (political) forum tent on 5th February with other Tangata Tiriti about how Tauiwi can respond to the current threats to racial justice. Anything can and does happen at Waitangi. Hope to see you in the field for the in-depth kōrero that Waitangi always provides.

For first times heading north here is some advice :

  • Bring a hat and sunscreen

  • Book accommodation early or be prepared to sleep under the stars

  • Hydrate often

  • Spell check your placard

  • Black t-shirts are cool but very hot on a hot day

  • Always give up your seats for elders

  • Support Māori businesses

  • Pace yourself and if you are getting hot under the collar consider going for a swim.

  • Casually celebrity spot but ask before you do a selfie

  • Hit social media about the positive things you see happening

  • If you are Pākehā don't dominate question time

  • Don't litter

  • Don't miss the dawn ceremony

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